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Social Media

Social media has become a part of life for almost everyone.

Use it to find your exact customers through targeted posts and ads and learn who your ideal customer or client is.

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What is the big deal about Social Media?

Getting to known your core audience

What platform is the right one for you?

At Timgu we understand that your customers and potential clients are becoming savvier when it comes to purchasing or finding the right company online. This is why Social media has become such an important part of your business strategy. Think of social media as your brand and the trust people have in it, many a time have I seen in real-time consumers stop doing an actual purchase because business have a low amount of followers or likes on their social media or not enough reviews. 

Who are your customers and how do you reach them? Social media helps us answer this essential question as finding your key demographic is core to any business. Interacting and understanding your consumer base helps you plan for the future when it comes to different products and overall growth for your company. 


Social media allows you to target and focus ads directly at people similar to your main consumers, enabling you to grow and sell your products to a wider audience who you know are interested in that product.


Just like Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, Social media is a critical aspect to any companies success.


Don't worry, your business does not need to be on every single social media out there. The key to any business strategy is understanding what platform is right for you.

Companies such as recruitment agencies should focus heavily on Linkedin as the platform is perfectly suited for their needs. If your company deals with B2B, Linkedin once more is perfect for you.

But Linkedin may not be useful at all for a furniture store unless you specialise in office furniture. 

Timgu will help your business identify which social platforms are the right ones for you, and which ones you need to be present on. 

Contact us today to talk about the right Social Media strategy for you and your business.

Social Media
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