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We have unrivalled knowledge about how to effectively manage pay-per-click campaigns across all major medias, verticals and industries and truly drive conversions and sales. We have extensive experience within digital marketing, having run large scale accounts for customers within all major and minor segments including retail, travel, finance, automotive and technology.



We won't promise you #1 Ranking on Google but we will help your customers find you through smarter Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't about getting #1 rankings in Google, it's about making it easier for your customers to find your site and help them convert into loyal customers. 



Long gone are the times when we used our mobile phones only for calling. Our iPhones and Androids have become irreplaceable parts of our lives and represent the greatest opportunity for effective marketing in a generation. Contrary to what many marketers believe, it doesn't take a huge amount of resources to get started, and with the right strategy, the return on investment can be outstanding.


At Timgu we believe in insight-driven web analytics, whereby the main purpose of collecting and analysing data is to help clients make actionable decisions. If you do not have a hypothesis, how can you improve? It is vital to remain vigilant and see trends whilst they occur. Make sure that you are on top of your customer base and their wants and needs.



Customers and your clients have become much savvier at researching products and companies that they want to buy from or work with. Social media has become part of 95% of all businesses day to day strategy to build honesty and a brand for your company, engaging with your customers and clients directly. If you do not have a social media strategy then you will fall behind, and far at that, from your competitors.



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