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We won't promise you #1 ranking on Google, but we will help your customers find you through smarter SEO



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We won't promise you #1 Ranking on Google but we will help your customers find you through smarter Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't about getting #1 rankings in Google, it's about making it easier for your customers to find your site and help them convert into loyal customers. At Timgu we won't tell you how to buy your way into a high ranking in search engines, rather we work to find ways to get your clients interested and engaged in your website through better visibility in search engines. Our search engine optimization covers the three main areas:

Focusing on the way that your site has been built. Its vitally important that internal structure, speed and finesse is working at the highest possible achievement. At this level it is also important to remember the small details such as Alt Tags, H tags and database linking is done in the right way.

More and more we are seeing a focus on innovative, unique and creative content. This was brought home to us by Google recently in their latest update to the search engine algorithm which saw 11.8% of all websites affected by changes to the content rules. Its hard to keep your content pure, but it's worth it!

Internal and external link structure, how is it constructed, how many links are there and how relevant are those links? It is imperative to ensure that the way you link plays to your advantage throughout your site and also to blogs, forums and other relevant sites. Avoiding Link catalogues and other non-Google approaches is also vital to ensure a fully "white hat" optimization for future development.

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