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Clients and Case Studies

Our valuable clients that have benefited from an experienced team of creative individuals over many years.



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We have successfully worked with a great variety of brands. How can we help you? Click on the case studies below to see how we have helped some of our clients or contact us for our stories about your segment!
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Being on top of trends can prove to be such a valuable asset. See how we made 11 million impression for just £350

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From sitting in a basement coming up with slogans to winning on dragons Den, see how Timgu took on one of it's most exciting projects.

This case study shows how constant optimisation, testing and then more testing can help you take actionable decisions to become one of the biggest Fancy dress costume shops in London.

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Read how we increased sales drastically in just 20 days for this Danish retailer

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Sometimes all we need is a helping hand. Find out how Timgu offered aid in applying for the Google grant as well as training in regards to the management of it.

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Sometimes doing online advertisement can be smooth sailing. Find out how from year to year Timgu lowered cost per acquistion whilst increasing the overall sales.

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Explore how Timgu and the Google Grant can help your charity achieve more donations and increase your reach to a wider audience.

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Read how Timgu and the Google Grant helped this charity Quadruple its donations using only


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See how we managed to get the cost per conversion down while increasing sales for this Danish retailer


I have been amazed at the speed of the whole operation; a quick response in Timgu drafting the application and an even quicker one from Google Analysing the website analytics was an eye-opener - being able to see the transformation in online giving and increased traffic to the web over a short period of time and with very little money spent clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of Timgu's work. 

I would recommend them to any charitable organisation

Timgu were a huge help in applying for the Google Grants and setting up our Adwords account.

They provide us with training to enable us to manage our account in-house. 

Not only great expertise but also a really dedicated bunch and a utmost pleasure to work with! 

Timgu came in early on with StoryTerrace to help us with the Adwords and overall advertising.

However, it was not long before both Alex and Jonathan from Timgu would come round to my apartment (My office back then) and sit down for a full day to strategise and go over everything from Slogans to our social media approach.

I remember standing in the room nearby cooking as they got to work, involving me in the process all along, and now many years later we won on Dragons Den

Paul Winterbottom,

Head of communications and fundraising


 Catholic Children's society

Ilka Noggler

Marketing Manager



Women for Women

Rutger Bruining

CEO And Founder




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