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Analysing data to gain insights into marketing opportunities

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Why Analytics?

Data Analysis of Traffic

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At Timgu we believe in insight-driven web analytics, whereby the main purpose of collecting and analysing data is to help clients make actionable decisions. If you do not have a hypothesis, how can you improve? It is vital to remain vigilant and see trends whilst they occur. Make sure that you are on top of your customer base and their wants and needs.

The insights that Analytics provides will help benchmarking performance of paid solutions vs. non-paid solutions. It will instruct us how to analyse banners or email marketing campaigns. It will help us analyse and optimise the general usability of your website.


More specifically we measure how many visits your site gets each day and where they come from – Google, Facebook, or do they enter your site directly? We analyse the bounce rate, the percentage of people who leave the site immediately, to estimate whether we are reaching the right target group. We also use the data to visualise the sales funnel. At what point do people most often interrupt their purchase?

The same data is not relevant to all clients. It is important for us to know what your goals are when we analyse the data from your site. The goals of our clients can vary a great deal. Some want to sell products, some want more people to download their white papers, and some simply want to brand their name and increase the traffic on their sites.

Speak to us about how analytics can benefit your online performance, or view our case studies for a closer look at how we have helped companies achieve great marketing results. Analytics is Key to improving upon Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

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